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Zim and Tak FanFiction

If you have a fanfiction that you'd like added to the list, please send us a note.

We only feature fanfictions written by members on dA.

Senari by bluesoru
Rating: T
Some nights it was unbearable. He would sit out on the rooftop, sometimes from midnight until dawn, gazing, always in the same direction. ZATR

Game Over by HGNDS
Rating: T

Love Saved Me by Invader-Zak
Rating: T
Chp 1:…
Chp 2:…
Chp 3:…
Chp 4:…
Chp 5:…
Chp 6:…
Chp 7:…
Chp 8:…
Chp 9:…
Chp 10:…
Chp 11:…
Chp 12:…
Chp 13:…

Horrible Hideous Life by invaderchick
Rating: K+
Tak sends Zim a transmission to come save her that's not like her, and GIR has been acting really strange too. What's happening to them? ZATR, MIMI AND GIR If you don't like it tuff! Ch 13 up!

A Night Time Reminder by Johnnyfan07
Rating: T
The sequel to Lynnstar18's story" I've Been Looking For Someone Like You. If you have not read that story, read it before you read this, or else nothing will make sense.

Seven Minutes by LeNaxROCK
Rating: T
ZATR: Back in high school, Zim has seven minutes to ask Tak to go out with him. Will he blow it, or will Tak accept his love offer? Rated for mild cussing.

The Earth Is Destroyed OH NOES! by LeNaxROCK
Rating: T
Sweet jumpin chili beans! The earth finally gets taken over! But Zim didn't do it. What will happen when he finds out that it was TAK? Lots of DOOM! May be a ZATR, not sure yet.

Tak, at Your Service by Lunadoll419
Rating: T
Tak is forced to work on The Massive as a maid, in an embarrassing maid uniform. Everything isn't too bad...well until Zim shows up that is! Now Tak endures love struck invaders, annoying leaders, and yes, humans too; as she tries to find a way out of this nightmare, and back to normality. Whatever that is. Two OC's, ZATR, One sided Tak/Grapa. Written through Tak's POV, then Zim's.

Return of the Hideous New Girl by Meeshkit
Rating: T
After months of being stuck in her escape pod, Tak has crashed back on Earth. Undoubtedly, she wants revenge, but will her feelings change? This is a ZATR!

I've Been Looking For Someone Like You by missy-lynne10
Rating: T
Zim gets drafted for the Irken war. He also finds a lost photograph and it makes him realize what he lost a long time ago. ZATR. This summary pretty much sucks. So just read the stroy and stuff. I like reviews, A LOT!

Winners Never Admit Defeat by missy-lynne10
Rating: K+
Zim and Tak are both thrown in jail. They are stuck together without the hope of getting out. Will they continue hating each other or find a compromise? There may be possible ZATR, there may not. You'll have to read to find out.

Invader Zim ZATR fanfic by ornithorhynchus
Rating: M
Chp 1:…

So THIS is love?  by o0whitelily0o
Rating: K+
An actually in-character ZATR. Zim gets a shock when Tak shows up at his door and offers to be his henchman. Secretly, though, she plans on taking over his mission from the inside. But what happens when she realizes there is more to him than meets the eye?

A Chance For Romancey by halfeatencandybars
Rating: T
Tak's old roommate pays a visit to Earth. . .only she's not exactly there to see Tak. . . ZATR Finished

Blindfolded by halfeatencandybars
Rating: T
A war with the Meekrob, an insane babysitting job, the death of a rabbit plushie, Grape Licky Sticks, and more. ZATR DibOC 1st in trilogy finished

Emotion Sickness by halfeatencandybars
Rating: T
Tak's story as she deals with her past, her new living situation, and overall life...ZATR finished

The Impersonation by halfeatencandybars
Rating: K+
Zim's facing an old enemy, and she's somehow able to appear in two places at once. I bet you're interested. So read it. ZATR Part two is up

This Is How It Ends by r2440
Rating: M
First IZ Fanfic; please R&R. Contains ZATR, Drama, Action. Rated M for character death, violence, and language.
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QueenOfCatsX3 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Tak at your service was relocated. here's where it is now. [link]
Just wanting to let you know that this isn't exactly up-to-date.
Johnnyfan07 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008
Fanfiction, it's the closest thing to real episodes that we're ever going to get. Sigh...I have no life.

what for is to you up?
Invader-Zak Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2008
I think of makinf my fic 20 Chapters atleast and alternitive endings for fan's choice.
Lunadoll419 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007   Writer
Weee! More fics! I should get working on "Tak, at Your Service" so I can convert it to a story. It'll be awesome! XP
zatr Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2007
:clap: Please do!
Zim-0f-Irk Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2007
READIN' TYME. *flails*

I've... been doing that capitalized thing a lot tonight. :O
ornithorhynchus Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2007
Yay mine is on here! Im so happy! The next chapter will be cute,funny, and violent. I keep my tradtion of dark comedy and twisted story of romance. The next chapter will be the best!
HGNDS Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
yay! fanfictions r aweosme. : D But I think you should check out the link for Acceptance Of Love, it isn't working. Also, I already gave you the link to my zatr fanfic.
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